7 Tips For An Exciting Journey Through Mozambique


Nature Untarnished

7 Tips For An Exciting Journey Through Mozambique

A couple of decades ago, Mozambique’s beauty was denied to the world due to guerilla wars. Today, the country is quickly becoming Africa’s top tourist destination. It is so easy to fall in love with Mozambique because it has so much to offer.

Located in southeastern Africa, the country is bordered by a 2,515 kilometer coastline facing the Indian Ocean. It is blessed with several pristine beaches, unspoiled islands and natural reserves. Exploring each region in the country provides a distinct and memorable travel experience.

Nature UntarnishedTip #1 - Check Out The Seafood RestaurantsTip #2 - The Pristine BeachesTip #3 - Take Advantage Of The Souther RegionTip #4 - Witness The Stunning CoastlineTip #5 - True African TravelTip #6 - Carry Cash With YouTip #7 - Some Prime ActivitiesImage Map
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